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What You Need to Know About Video Marketing Statistics for 2020

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Video Marketing Statistics for 2020

Recent video marketing statistics for 2020 reveal that video is a key method to drive traffic, generate leads, snag new business, win consumer loyalty, and build your brand. We’re about halfway through 2020, and video marketing remains one of the most important digital marketing tools for businesses of all sizes.

For instance, did you know that by 2021, the average consumer is expected to spend no less than 100 minutes daily browsing online videos? Or that almost half of the web viewers crave video content that reflects their interests? (marketing In other words, the demand for videos is strong. And putting videos on your site will earn you plenty of advantages.

What Video Can Do for Your Company

So why should your business use video? First, it adds another sense of personality to your branding efforts. Not only can people read about your company and see images, but they can get a sense of the faces behind your organizational name.

Next, video allows you to help your customers understand why they need your products or services. People love to see “how-to” videos or videos that showcase the flow of a service. Allow your videos to help you sell your business products and services in a softer, less in-your-face way.

Finally, the video lets you be creative. Have fun with your videos and connect with prospects and clients in different ways. You don’t need to hire a professional, either. Just pull out your smartphone and put together a one-minute gem to pop on your site.

How to Market Your Video

After you make your first videos, you might wonder what to do with them. Initially, you’ll probably want to post them on both your website and a relevant video hosting site like Vidapi. We are a full management video solution for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the manufactured industry, and the yacht industry when it comes to broadcasting to your audience.

People will not just suddenly stumble across your video amid all the other videos out there. You’ll need to take charge of getting traction. Some due diligence on your part will give you an advantage. You can read more tips on how to market video.

Share Your Video Links

Every time a video goes live, add a link to your social media personal and business pages. You may also want to send out the same link in your weekly or monthly email newsletters to leads and customers. Be sure your video includes the correct description with meta tags and keyword optimization for SEO purposes. Think of keywords that people search for that relate to your video. That way, it can be found organically, too. 

Share your video and focus the attention on one at a time. Let your audience know ahead of time when your next video will be ready to view. Keep your video upload to once a week. The written content about a video is also a great marketing strategy. Search engines love content. 

Riding Video Into 2021

Have you been remiss in making and distributing business videos in 2020? You have six more months to kick your video creation and marketing into high gear. All it takes is one video to begin. Now ready, steady, and action! Become a partner today by contacting us at

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7 Tips How to Market Your Video

7 Great Tips On Video Marketing

In 2020, 92% of marketers say that video is an important part of their marketing strategy. This has grown from 78% in 2015, showing that the importance of video is only growing

Inexpensive Video Marketing 

Marketing your videos is crucial when it comes to views. We all want to reach a large audience so that all our hard work is not done in vain. However, coming up with a concept for the video will be your first step. 

Creative marketing does not have to be expensive if you do your research. Everyone has a budget. Here are some simple and “money-saving” tips on how to market your video on a budget.

  1. Email – more people will open an email that contains a video. Make sure to include a “call to action” and keep it short.
  2. Social media – the most popular way to brand and let people know about a product or service.
  3. Ask friends to share with their friends – It never hurts to ask, then repay the favor if they ask.
  4. Write content about a video – search engines love content. It’s how people who are looking for what you offer, can find you.
  5. Invest in a video website – Find the right platform that specializes in what you do. At Vidapi we can create your business a website. We are a full video management solution that provides hosting for some exciting niche categories. Find out how your business can become a partner with Vidapi. Contact us at
  6. Onpage SEO – search engine optimization is a crucial key to get your video noticed by the search engines
  7. Create a series of episodes – everyone loves a series. And, people look forward to the next episode every week.



 Different Types of Video Content

Think about what the message is that you are trying to convey. This can be done through different types of videos. And, find out more why your business should use video.

  • Intro – give just a “preview” of what products or services you offer
    • Awareness – Lets people know who you are and how they can reach you
      • Informative – gives information and knowledge about a particular niche or product
        • Engagement – use “call to action” to click through to your site to subscribe
          • Educational – knowledge is power, give information viewers can use
            • Inspirational – churches and ministers can use video to reach the lost and give a weekly sermon or bible study.
              • Testimonial – viewers can base their decisions on good reviews
                • Event – promoting an event with video can greatly increase brand awareness and attendance.

                Now that you have decided on the type of video to produce, the next thing is to decide if it will be done with a script or impromptu. A video that is recorded as a sermon is given, or while giving a testimonial. A brand awareness video can also be done “on the spot.” A webinar is also a great venue to use to reach your audience. Put some thought behind your next video for your viewers. Who knows, maybe it will go viral!

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                5 Reason Why Your Business Should Use Video

                VIDEO MARKETING

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              • Video Marketing Makes Sense

                If you’re like most people, you use your devices to watch plenty of videos. From full-blown programs to fun advertisements, video sites get hundreds of thousands of views per day. In fact, Marketing Charts research estimates that the average American will watch no fewer than 100 minutes of video daily by 2021. What does this mean for your business? If you haven’t embraced video marketing, you should. Consumers are eager for a constant supply of information in all forms. Furthermore, video advertising helps you stay front and center. Plus, adding a video component to your messaging rounds out your branding. Need a little encouragement to fully commit to video marketing? Consider these five reasons using video marketing makes sense for companies of all sizes from all industries.

                1. Content performance improves when the video is added.

                What’s the difference between a social media post that does okay and one that sizzles? According to statistics, the answer is video. 

                When Impact studied the effect of video on social media sharing, researchers discovered that the inclusion of a video boosted engagement by a third. Taken another way, if a social media post without video encouraged 100 people to send it to friends, a social media post with the video would elicit about 133 shares. And the more engaged users are, the more likely they’ll be to go from prospects to customers. Vidapi is a video hosting platform where your church or business videos are hosted.  And although we do not guarantee views, we do share our traffic.

                2. Videos add personality to your brand.

                All consumers like to feel connected with brands, especially Generation Z and Millennials. Videos allow you to construct a specific persona that embodies your overall brand mission and voice.

                Whether you publish videos of team members, cartoon illustrations in a voiceover slideshow format, or funny snippets reminiscent of TikTok uploads, you’re essentially telling consumers what they can expect when working with your company. Over time, you can earn the trust of mobile users who become accustomed to watching your videos.

                3. You’ll bring in all types of consumers.

                Not everyone wants to read a whitepaper or even a short blog post. Some individuals like to watch and hear information. Indulge their senses with video advertising.

                As an added bonus to being able to attract a broader segment of your target population, you’ll cast a wider net in terms of who knows your business. Obviously, your goal is to get recognition, and if you’re appealing to more viewers than you would otherwise, you’re more apt to fill your sales funnel faster.

                4. Video is Watched Around the Globe

                More than one billion hours of video are watched every 24 hours by people from around the globe. And that number is likely to increase as more folks become active mobile users.

                Just make sure that you set up a business channel. It’ll be simple for you to upload new video marketing pieces to your Vidapi Channel. Don’t forget to add a keyword-rich description of every video to improve your SEO traction.

                5. Video advertising can be done inexpensively.

                Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be the next great filmmaker to put out an interesting, thoughtful, or well-considered video. As long as you have a decent smartphone, good lighting, and a noise-free space. You have everything you need to start video marketing your company!

                One world to the wise: At least write-down bullet points if you’re not going to script your videos. Bullet points act as good reminders. Especially if you’re going to speak to the camera “on-the-spot” or unscripted. Additionally, keep your videos to the point. They don’t necessarily have to be short, but they should be focused and not meandering.

                Excited to get started with some video marketing? Contact us today and find out more how to get started with your own channel within our network.  It’s one of the most reliable strategies to get your organization more links, leads, and likes.