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KNCB.ORG Kingdoms Network Christian Broadcasting

KNCB Video Hosting and articles on Christian topics: Christian members can start a profile page and watch the latest sermons. The community has a chat and messaging feature where Christians can inspire one another. Churches or members can start a private video group page. Does your church have a Christian Bookstore? Our vendor online stores provide a place for churches to upload their products. Sign up today.

Categories:  Sermons, Cooking, Travel, Breaking News Ticker, Podcast, Community, Jerusalem, Online Christian Shops coming soon, and more.

SAYAMEN.TV | Video On Demand, Hosting & Talk Shows

Topics: Conversation to bring change to the inner-city issues at hand, entrepreneurship, young teen pregnancy, single mothers, and black history month. Broadcast to your audience today. Video Shuffle and HD ability. Sermons online. Do you have a talk show? Our network provides the perfect spot just for you.


World Sermons is a flexible video hosting platform built to host sermons and talk shows from around the world, ministering about different topics to the body of Christ.

GENESIS TV | Video On Demand & Hosting

The perfect video hosting platform for Pastors who are just getting started with recording sermon videos. Genesis TV’s focus is to connect with other Church networks on a global level. Its blog is currently in progress.

GODSENT.TV | Video On Demand & Hosting

Managing videos from around the world with any topic dealing with outreach ministries in the USA, Africa, UK, Asia. Sermon and Worship videos are welcome. The ideal place for a Worship Channel (GSTV) Broadcast to your audience today. Video Shuffle and HD ability.

Coming Soon! Godsent.TV/UK, Godsent.TV/Asia, Godsent.TV/Africa, Godsent.TV/India,

CHRISTIANNEWS.TV | Video On Demand & Hosting

Opt-in ministries can post about current events within the body of Christ. Each country has its own site within Christian News TV and will be managed by the country’s overseer. Other minor and major Christian news sites are welcome. Broadcast to your audience. Video Shuffle and HD ability. Register and join the network today.

Coming Soon! Christainnews.TV/Uk, Christainnews.TV/Canda , Christainnews.TV/Asaia, Christainnews.TV/Africa, Christainnews.TV/India, Christainnews.TV/Australia

Baptist.Video | Video On Demand & Hosting

The ideal place for that “good old baptist” teaching. A host of baptist video sermons from around the world. Each church as its own video site within BVTV. Broadcast to your audience. Video Shuffle and HD ability. Join the network today.

Events Page | Have an Event?

Start your event page today. Vidapi can build you an “events page” for your state and city. Your events page includes a “watch now” button, social media sharing, a large title, and a description of 75 words, with an optional partner playlist.