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  • Video Management Solution

    Vidapi offers a solution for video management. We can assist you with the storage of your video as well as providing a platform to broadcast to your clients. Our video solution is very responsive to all mobile devices and all internet browsers. The Vidapi “video Platform theme” is built for efficiency and speed.

    Archive Video Library

    The Vidapi archived videos library gives you the ability to find your video dates and other important information.

    Content Delivery Network CDN

    Vidapi, a video solution, gives our customers the option to stream video by way of a CDN, content delivery network. A geographically distributed group of servers that work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content.

    Video Website

    Your video website can be up and running in minutes. No worries about a line of code, all the hard work has been done. Simply upload your video and you’re ready to go!