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Video Channel Scheduling

What is channel scheduling? uses a time management tool, or calendar, for broadcasting ongoing episodes of informative and up-to-date video content at a specific time. provides video-on-demand, channel scheduling, for daily, weekly, and monthly episodes that can last a season or more. A scheduled channel lists events, conferences, workshops, etc, which are available to your viewers.

User Portal

Save time with video syndication. Video distribution, or syndication, allows a business or an individual to republish video content on a third-party website. Simply upload your video file to your portal and our system will distribute your file throughout our network of sites automatically. Statistics show in 2023 there will be 3 times more devices accessing the Internet.

Managed Playlist

At Vidapi LLC®, we create your very own video playlist. And, your video episodes can be distributed within a list of niche categories within the network of channels. Partners can choose to have a video playlist, channel, video website, or all 3! Your site will automatically update and have a fresh look using the latest in web development technology.

Network Solution is the ultimate, video-on-demand, broadcasting Network Solution. The platform uses the newest technology when it comes to hosting and OTT video website design. Start uploading your video to your own portal today! You have the option to create a video playlist and/or a video channel. Simply schedule your video episodes and inform your viewers.

Niche Network is a niche network of sites that cover a variety of categories where your viewers can watch and listen to valuable, interesting, informative, and helpful videos.

Growing Network

Our network is growing at with more channels, playlists, and scheduled video-on-demand. We are the solution for the video syndication you have been searching for. Contact us today!