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5 Reasons Why Video Content Marketing Rules

Video Content Marketing Makes Sense

If you haven’t embraced video content marketing, you should. Like most people, you use your devices to watch a lot of videos. From full-blown programs to fun advertisements, video sites get hundreds of thousands of views daily. Video marketing statistics show that the average American will watch no fewer than 17 hours of video a week by 2023! ( What does this mean for your business? Consumers want a constant supply of information through video content.

Furthermore, video advertising helps you stay front and center. Add branding as a video component to your message. Read the five reasons below why your business should use video content marketing. It just makes sense for companies of all sizes from all industries.

1. Video content increases engagement

What’s the difference between a social media post that does okay and one that sizzles? According to statistics, the answer is video. Add video intros and exits to give additional branding information.

Researchers discovered that the inclusion of a video boosted social media sharing by a third! If a social media post without a video encouraged 100 people to send it to friends, a social media post with the video could produce about 133 shares. And the more engaged users are, the more likely they’ll be to go from prospects to customers. Vidapi is a video hosting platform where your church or business can schedule and syndicate videos. And although we do not guarantee views, we do share the traffic.

2. Brand with video marketing

All consumers like to feel connected with brands, especially Generation Z and Millennials. Videos allow you to construct a specific persona that embodies your overall brand mission and voice.

Whether you publish videos of team members, cartoon illustrations in a voiceover slideshow format, or funny snippets, you’re essentially telling consumers what they can expect when working with your company. Over time, you earn the trust of mobile users who become accustomed to watching your videos. Branded video content marketing increases success.

3. Video advertising is the future

Not everyone wants to read a whitepaper or even a short blog post. Some individuals like to watch and hear information. Indulge their senses with video advertising.

And, learning how to market your video is crucial and can attract a broader segment of your target population. You’ll cast a wider net in terms of who knows your business. Obviously, your goal is to get recognition, and if you’re appealing to more viewers than you would otherwise. This is one of the most important reasons why your business should use video for marketing purposes.

4. Video is watched around the globe

More than one billion hours of video are watched every 24 hours by people from around the globe. And that number is likely to increase as more folks become active mobile users.

Get started today and set up a video portal. It’s simple to upload new video marketing content to your choice of channels at Vidapi. Simulated live stream plays 24/7 and can be viewed from around the world on the video marketing platform.

5. Advertising with video content is inexpensive

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be the next great filmmaker to put out an engaging, thoughtful, or well-considered video as long as you have a decent smartphone, good lighting, and a noise-free space. You have everything you need to start advertising your company with video content.

One word to the wise: Write down bullet points if you’re not going to script your videos. Bullet points act as good reminders. Especially if you’re going to speak to the camera “on the spot” unscripted. Additionally, keep your videos to the point. They don’t have to be short, but they should be focused.

Excited to get started with some video content marketing? Contact and register today for a free trial at Find out more about how you can get started with video hosting and video syndication on a Christian video marketing platform. It’s one of the most reliable strategies to reach your church audience, organization, and business leads.

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