Upload Weekly Episode
Video Network Syndication Upload Portal

KNTV partners can syndicate to more than one video hosting site for an additional cost. We’re also working on adding more sites to the network.
Full Video Hosting

Just upload your video once a week and KNTV will take of the rest. Get in touch with your followers and share your sermons today.

Roles and Parts

KNTV’s role Is to manage the videos for its clients. We maintain all updates, hosting, and development.

Partners Role. Create weekly video episodes for their clients.

Partnership Website Layout

1.Let’s start with the menu for all pages and sites. This is to get our viewers familiar with the flow of the navigation of the site.

2. Three professional images are needed for the front page. The heading is written with website tools.

3.The ‘Contact’ and ‘About Page’ text link can be found in the footer on the page.

PayPal Donation Page
Contact and Google Map
Optional Online Store
Pastors Online Blog