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Christian Video Hosting Platform

Hosting Platform for Scheduled Sermon Videos

Developed using the latest technology, Vidapi utilizes a complete management solution on the Christian video hosting platform for sermons. The Vidapi church video system is fully responsive, mobile-friendly, and delivers video content to users as fast as possible.

Church Videos

The Vidapi network of channels is perfect for beginners. Why? Because Vidapi’s Christian video hosting platform understands what it takes to get started. Broadcasting a scheduled video from the many channels within the Vidapi network has many benefits for ministry videos.

Video Sharing Platform

Vidapi is an online video-sharing platform for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The network is designed for ministries and organizations seeking a fully hosted and managed video platform. For those who want to connect with their audience in a Christian network, Vidapi has you in mind. Social media networks only offer so much. Vidapi makes it easy to have a personal portal and video player.

Christian Video Upload

Take advantage of the Christian video upload platform. Register and broadcast your scheduled sermon videos before the end of the year. Furthermore, don’t forget that video marketing remains one of the most essential tools for ministries and businesses of all sizes. 

There is no time to waste! Just think of all your viewers and followers that would love to watch your latest sermon episode, conference, interviews, and product launches. It’s time for the Body of Christ to come together and work “next unto” one another in unity. The marketplace online is the perfect platform to reach the masses that need a word from the Lord. And, having more Christian video-sharing sites makes it easier for new converts to learn.

Inform your audience a week before the video is released. Email the video link in the church newsletters to members, leads, and customers. 

Register today and come aboard the Vidapi Christian video hosting platform now!