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What You Need to Know About Video Marketing Statistics for 2023-2024

Recent Video Content Stats 2023

Recent video marketing statistics for 2023 reveal that video is key to increasing traffic, generating leads, generating new business, winning consumer loyalty, and building your brand. And, the audience has been growing every year. In 2023, Insider Intelligence estimates that 3.63 billion people will watch digital video content from around the world. People want video!

For instance, did you know that in 2021, the average consumer was spending no less than 100 minutes daily browsing online videos? Or that almost half of the web viewers crave video content that reflects their interests? (marketing But today, in 2023, video marketing statistics show that people are watching an average of 17 hours of video per week! ( In other words, the demand for videos is strong.

3 Video Marketing Benefits

  1. First, it adds another sense of personality to your branding efforts. And, people love to share videos. People can get a sense of how they relate to your organization, ministry, or product name. Videos give your viewers what they want.
  2. Next, video allows you to help your customers understand why they need your products or services. People love to see “how-to” videos or videos that showcase the flow of a service. Allow your videos to help you sell your business products and services in a softer, less in-your-face way.
  3. Finally, the video lets you be creative. Have fun with your videos and connect with prospects and clients in different ways. You don’t need to hire a professional, either. Purchase a good video camera and start producing your own videos. And, chances are great that you know someone with a little experience in production and video editing.

Video Marketing Statistics for 2024

Viewers watching more videos will continue to grow in 2024. And, more people will watch more videos than television. By 2024, it is forecasted that the social commerce market will be worth $604.5 billion globally. (Akshay Kumar GuptaAgain, video is essential in reaching your audience.  And, by 2024, the audience for live video content is expected to be 164.6 million viewers. (Statista)

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